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Sea Girt, N.J. – For 132 young men and women, today is the first day of an exciting and challenging endeavor as they begin academy training as part of the 152nd New Jersey State Police Class. They are in the most racially diverse class that has ever entered the arduous training program, with more than half coming from minority groups. Twenty-seven percent are Hispanic, 17 percent are African-American, and six percent are Asian. Native American and other groups comprise the last few class members.

“As one of the nation’s most richly diverse states, I think it’s essential that we strive to have local, county and state law enforcement agencies that reflect our diversity,” said Attorney General Chiesa. “That’s why we want to recruit, hire and retain a law enforcement workforce that resembles the population it protects.”

“The young men and women in this academy class have been chosen from more than 20,000 people who began this process with online applications one year ago. They have already overcome great odds, and will continue to prove themselves through a rigorous training regimen that will prepare them to hold the important position of state trooper,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

They arrived before dawn to the Sea Girt training academy grounds and lined up in the parking lot, suitcases in hand. The 24-week residential program will train them in constitutional law, search and seizure, and dozens of other subjects. They will also undergo tough physical training including self-defense.

Those who complete the training will march across the stage to accept their badges in October of this year. The 153rd State Police Training Class is scheduled to begin in late June of 2013 and graduate in December.

Below is a chart with the specific diversity numbers in the 152nd class.

Applicants Starting the 152nd Class
White Male 59
Hispanic Male 33
African American Male 23
Asian Male 8
White Female 3
Hispanic Female 2
Other Male 2
Native American Male 1
Native American Female 1


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