Strong Winds Damage Community of Stone Harbor

Westville Diner rammed by construction loader


Photo 2sq
The scene at 6:30am (Mark Matthews)

(CNBNews)--The recently reopened Piston Diner on Crown Point Road in Westville, NJ sustained heavy damage from a construction loader overnight. The loader was apparently stolen from a nearby construction project.  Bottles of liquor were seen in the cab of the truck.  A business across the street captured the incident on video, which does not appear to be available yet. spoke to Westville's Police Chief.  Investigators believe the thief knew how to operate the complicated loader; he not only drove it into the building, he raised the bucket to damage the diner’s roof, as well, said Police Chief Fred Lederer.  “This was pre-planned. He had a ride” lined up, Lederer said.


CNBNews was at the scene this morning at 6:30am to capture photos as the clean-up process started.  Later this morning work will begin to close off the opening and secure the building. 

The local news vans were out in full force this morning, lined up across the street.

At the road construction site, woods approach right up to Crown Point Rd.  While the woods eventually blend into the more managed wildlife refuge and nature trail heading towards the river, a few years ago I noticed when wandering off the refuge trail that a large portion along the roadway had indications as a being a "party spot".  Although I am not aware of any connection. seems to have been one of  the first on the scene, and they have photos of the loader while it was still at the diner wall. has more and photos

NJ.Com article

Action News Story: Video of Loader Being removed




Image (C) Google Maps. the "A" indicates the diner. The blue highlight indicates the road construction area. Directly about that is the start of the woods.

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The diner's sign indicates how recently they've been open.


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6:30 am