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Urge Gov. Christie to Stand Up for Taxpayers against Big Labor Union Bosses!



Americans for Prosperity--The Hurricane Sandy crisis should not be exploited by opportunistic Images politicians in Trenton to line the pockets of Big Labor Union Bosses and expand the reach of cost-inflating project labor agreements (PLAs).

State Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-03), an ardent Big Labor advocate and member of theInternational Association of Ironworkers, has strong-armed the Union PLA bill (Senate Bill S2425/Assembly Bill A3679) through the Legislature and now it’s up to Gov. Christie to veto this transparent Big Labor giveaway.

As AFP has pointed out in recent e-mails, PLAs drive up costs by limiting competition from nonunion merit shops—effectively shutting out more than 80% of the private construction workforce. PLAs infringe on workers’ rights, often forcing nonunion contractors to hire union workers or compelling their own workers to pay union dues when working on state-funded construction projects. The end result: these unfair pre-hire arrangements tilt the playing field in favor of the Big Labor Union Bosses and result in higher costs for New Jersey taxpayers! Click here to read AFP’s prior press release on the Union PLA Bill!

Click the Take Action button now to send a message to Gov. Christie urging him to veto this Big Labor giveaway!

Back in 2009 when running for office, Gov. Christie promised to put an end to the State’s practice of employing PLAs because the governor understood the damage they inflict on New Jersey taxpayers.

“88 Ways Chris Christie Will Fix New Jersey.”


I will eliminate special interest labor union giveaways that increase spending and taxes by ending the use of project labor agreements, which drive up the cost of public construction projects and fail to deliver a public benefit at a time when the economy is shedding jobs and taxpayers are struggling to make ends meet. 

It’s time to put an end to this kind of Big Labor union favoritism in New Jersey!

Now it’s time for Gov. Christie to honor his promise to protect taxpayer interests. Once again, click here to send Gov. Christie a message urging him to issue an absolute veto on Sen. Sweeney’s Union PLA bill!!

And arm yourself with the facts about how PLAs harm taxpayers!


On to Victory,


Mike Proto
Communications Director

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