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Roving Rita's Restaurant Review: Rexy's Restaurant & Bar |

Rita( WEST COLLINGSWOOD HEIGHTS NJ--Greetings, Gentle Readers, and thank you for stopping by. Since I’ve had several requests for my review series again, I decided to start with a local legend.

My companion and I headed for West Collingswood Heights, titillated with local tales of epic culinary delights. Rexy’s Restaurant, around since 1943, is a bright star with the misfortune of being located near a building advertising cheap dentures and a strip of fast-food kiosks with flapping

Chicken parm
Chicken Parma

flags and grammatically-incorrect banners. On the outside, Rexy’s is a confused combination of Spanish and Italian architecture with a bit of folk art thrown in, just for fun. Inside, the Italian theme wins, if only because of the piped-in music. My companion and I were seated by the hostess who seemed, by nature of her clothing and attitude, to be in mourning.

We slid into cozy booths and were approached by our bubbly server, Kathy. Our moods were immediately uplifted as she took our beverage order and brought us a basket of warm, house-made bread. We ordered the Village Greek salad ($11), a wonderful assortment of chopped vegetables and feta cheese, large enough to feed us both with some to take home.

Our entrees arrived in a timely fashion, and a refill of our bread appeared magically at the same time. (Extra kudos to our server for the ice water and lemon, an unexpected treat often forgotten in other, less-favorably reviewed establishments). I ordered the Chicken Parma, a succulent cutlet with a crisp and marvelous crust, topped by plenty of mozzarella and linguini with house-made sauce ($18). My companion insisted on the Bistro Burger ($10). The meat was charcoal broiled to perfection, with fresh fried onion rings and pickled cucumbers; all served on a brioche roll, a plate that would make Bobby Flay take notes.

Although we were unable to eat more, the effervescent Kathy offered to wrap some desserts for us to take home. We followed her advice and ordered the German chocolate cake, the lemon cake, and an apple tart. Later that evening we shared these mouth-watering delights and were very glad we took her advice—all were delicate, delicious, and worth every accolade.

Rita’s rating for Rexy’s Restaurant and Bar, located at 700 Black Horse Pike, Mount Ephraim, (or West Collingswood Heights) NJ 08059, is thus: (ratings from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being the highest rating)

Ambience: 4 ½ stars (noise level can be a distraction)

Service: 5 stars

Cleanliness: 5 stars

Food: 5 stars

Economy: 4 stars (some items are a bit pricey, but worth it).

All in all, the legend of Rexy’s remains in good standing.

Reservations are suggested on the weekends. Lunch is served daily. Brunch is served on the weekends. Phone 856-456-7911.

Tell them Rita sent you.

Until next time, Gentle Readers, Roving Rita bids you adieu. Happy Roving!