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Pet Tip of the Week: What About Fido's Hearing? (

   Dog-cartoon by Dawn Watson (

   It’s no secret that dogs can hear better than average humans. According to one Internet source, “Dogs can hear far higher ranges of sounds and tones than people. They can hear ultrasonic frequencies like a dog whistle or a squeaking mouse while we can't.

   "Dog can hear between 40,000 to 100,000 vibrations per second while a human can only hear about 20,000 vibrations per second.   

   “Generally, a dog's sense of hearing is not that much different from a human's sense of hearing. Banner The only major difference is that dogs can pick up some higher frequencies. But, contrary to popular belief, dogs cannot hear noises from miles away. Dogs and people hear noises coming from the same distance away.   

   "One thing a dog can do that a human can't is change the position of the outer ear in order to focus more on a particular sound. By lifting the ears or swiveling them when they can, the outer ears then act as ear trumpets, magnifying sounds.”   

   It’s important to remember that your dog’s ears are sensitive and therefore, shouting at him is unnecessary. If you have gotten into the habit of raising your voice when giving him commands or ‘scolding’ him, you may be doing damage to his sense of hearing. A normal tone of voice is all that is needed to get your dog’s attention.   

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