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Old Brooklawn church may become a school |

MARCH 11, 2013

BROOKLAWN — Divine intervention won’t be enough to convert a decommissioned

Former St. Maurice Church and Rectory/photo credit CNBNEWS.NET
Catholic church in Brooklawn into a middle school — but voter approval will.


Residents will vote Tuesday on a $1.8 million bond referendum that will allow the Brooklawn School District to purchase and renovate the old St. Maurice Church and rectory off Route 130.

The outside facade of the church will remain, but school officials hope to transform the interior to create more classroom space for the growing district.

“We have seen a growth in enrollment resulting from two sources, increases in the resident population and increases in school choice population,” said Brooklawn Superintendent Dr. John Kellmayer.

“Right now we have about 370 students, and that will jump close to 400 in September.”


BY PHIL DUNN Courier Post Staff