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CNBNews Hunting and Fishing: 2012 Skillful Angler Awards Program

The NJDEP Division of Fish and Wildlife has announced the winners of the 2012 Skillful Angler Awards Program. The program honors anglers who catch both freshwater and marine fish that are not quite record size, but are large enough to have tested the angler's skill and be worthy of recognition.

The Skillful Angler program highlights the great fishing opportunities found in New Jersey, and anglers of all ages and skill levels participate. This year 163 applications representing 24 different species were officially processed. Since the program's modest beginning (31 applicants in 1983), the Division has granted Skillful Angler status to 3,419 anglers.

For more information about the winners of each category and their catch, visit . To learn more about the Skillful Angler program itself, including minimum size requirements for entry, visit .

For information about fishing and places to fish in New Jersey visit .