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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: Christie and Flacco make it Jersey Night on Letterman

After several years of Guidettes and Mafia wives representing New Jersey in the national entertainment media, last night's Late Show with David Letterman changed things up by featuring 2 of our states more positive prominent citizens.

Monday Night (2/4/2013), Governor Chris Christie and Audubon's Superbowl MVP Joe Flacco were guests with Letterman.  On a national level, they are two of our most talked about residents right now, and the irony is that one is seen as one of the most athletic people in the country, while the other...

Clips of the Christie's interview show that it was all about fun...  Dave admits he has made Christie's weight a regular target of jokes on the show, and the Guv goes right along with it, pulling out a donut at the start of the interview "I didn't think this would be so long"

Christie does look uncomfortably big in the chair next to Dave.  Maybe as he sits with the family today watching the show, it will sink in that yeah...   I need to do something!   (Hey Guv, Brooklawn has a new Planet Fitness opening soon...)

Joe Flacco, fresh off his impressive MVP Superbowl winning performance also takes a seat at the Sullivan Theater, and does a great job representing South Jersey.  In all his interviews, you can tell he's still getting used to his rise in the NFL and national media, as he seems to come off maybe a little too honest, like he's one of the guys sitting at the front bar of the Oaklyn Manor.  Its a good thing.

People have always commented on my "South Jersey" accent.  Listening to Joe, I definately get it.  He sounds like 100 people I graduated High School with. 


The two clips above both come in around 2:20 in length.  I'm not sure if they are the full interviews for both of our fellow New Jersians, so head over to the Late Show web site to catch the full episode (which is probably only available a short time).