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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: Bellmawr's Top Facebook Page is also the Most Important





Short Summary:  If you live in Bellmawr or the immediate area, go like this page now.

Everyone is on Facebook... or if you are like me, you WERE on Facebook and moved on!    Those who love it don't really rave about it, they simply use Facebook non-stop and ask new acquaintances "Can I friend you?".   But it seems that everyone who hate it...  or maybe they just don't understand it.. well they'll tell you a million reasons why its awful.

But at its core, its really just another way of communicating.  Too many times it's "She posted another picture of her lunch?", and other times you find some very useful things, when done properly.  

So my vote for the most popular and useful Bellmawr oriented Facebook page, which is approaching 5,800 "Likes", is...

The Bellmawr Police Department

If you are on Facebook and live in Bellmawr or the immediate area, just go there now and "like" it.  It's worth it.  Don't even bother finishing this little blog post if you are short on time.  LIKE.

Although chances are you already have because apparently with 5,791 likes, I am the last person in town to know of this page.  :-)

The story you overheard about thefts within the Bellmawr Park Volunteer Fire Department?   Its posted with a link to details at a local media outlet.

Overheard someone at Wawa mention an attempted abducton in the Crescent Park area?  What are the details?  Is this true?   Go to the Bellmawr Police facebook page for all of the details.

Did you hear about the home invasion reported in the news, which was presented with no other details and it has you worried if your home is next?   The Bellmawr Police Facebook page has the details to calm you.

Neighbor said someone around the corner had their car broken into?  In their own driveway?  A post from early January has the details.

Flu shots, road closings, Department updates... Are all interesting things that i've seen posted in the last few months at the Bellmawr Police Facebook Page.

And here's another positive for Facebook...  comments are open at the Bellmawr Police page, but since 99% of the people on Facebook log in with their real names, it seems to keep the internet crazies at bay, unlike other forums where everyone seems to have an anonymous username.

So CHEERS to the Bellmawr Police Department for putting up the page, and keeping the content fresh and informative.

Honestly, I was happily surprised to see the posts that they have available to us.  And reading the comments posted by our neighbors, they are happy too.