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Letters: Where do you stand Governor Christie?

"I'm a little surprised at how quickly they've done it." 6a00d8341bf7d953ef0115709f053f970c-800wi

In case you missed it, that was Chris Christie's reaction to 22 anti-gun bills passing the New Jersey Assembly yesterday afternoon.

Well gun owners aren't surprised, Governor Christie!

In fact, gun owners like you have been emailing and calling him about this legislation for weeks but so far he hasn’t provided as much as a speed bump to slow down the destruction of your gun rights.

Governor Christie has failed to provide any leadership on gun rights issues in New Jersey.  Commenting yesterday Christie said he promised to give the proposals "due consideration if they reach his desk."

That's not leadership, that’s ducking the hard issues. 

Where do you stand Governor Christie? 

Are you going to stand-up for freedom and the constitutional rights of the citizens of New Jersey?

The presidential aspirations of Governor Christie are not exactly a secret. Does he really think gun owners across the country will support yet another weak-on-gun rights, weak-on-the Constitution, candidate for president?

The governor prides himself on his political courage.  It’s time for him to show some courage and stand up for gun owners by vetoing ALL of these anti-gun measures.

Please join me by calling Governor Chris Christie at 609-292-6000. Demand he publicly promise to veto all anti-gun legislation.

Then call your state senator at 609-847-3905 and tell them to vote NO on all anti-gun bills.

Urge them to TAKE A STAND for the constitutional gun rights of the citizens of New Jersey.

-- Christine H