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Drug Dealers Arrested and Fives Ounces of Cocaine Recovered


FEBRUARY 26, 2013--The Gloucester Township Police Department Special Investigations Handcuffs6 Unit recently concluded a thorough investigation into the sale of Controlled Dangerous Substances in Gloucester Township. This is a continued effort in addressing the national problem of drug abuse. The Gloucester Township Police Department has implemented a number of initiatives and programs to combat this growing problem.

During the months of January and February, a local drug dealer was the focus of a prolonged police investigation. Alabdulal Williams, a 40 year old male from Blackwood, was reported to be distributing Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS), specifically cocaine. Information was received that Williams was distributing large quantities of cocaine from his residence in the residential neighbor of Oxen Hill located in Blackwood. On 2-22-2013, the Gloucester Township Special Investigations Unit executed a Superior Court issued search warrant on the unit block of West Collins Ct. Blackwood.
Over five (5) ounces of cocaine, numerous packing materials, marijuana, and a large quantity of U.S. currency were recovered pursuant to the warrant. Williams was charged with Distribution of CDS (1st degree), Distribution of CDS Within 500 feet of a Park, Oxen Hill Park, (2nd degree), Possession of CDS (3rd degree), Possession of CDS, Marijuana (Disorderly Persons), and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Disorderly Persons). He was remanded in default of $250,000.00 full cash bail.

Anthony Mangini, a 39 year old male from Blackwood, was arrested during this investigation on 2-22-2013. He purchased several small bags of cocaine from Mr. Williams after being observed by police. He was stopped leaving Williams’ residence in a motor vehicle. Mr. Mangini was charged with Possession of CDs (3rd degree) and released on a criminal summons pending a court appearance.
Alikeem Billings, a 33 year old male from Lawnside, was arrested during this investigation on 2-22-2013. Billings was observed by police approaching Williams’ residence. He was stopped by police and had an eighth (1/8) of an ounce of crack cocaine in his possession. He was charged with Possession of CDs (3rd degree). He was remanded in default of $10,000.00 full cash bail. Mr. Billings was also a wanted fugitive by the Camden County Sheriff’s Department for child support.
The arrest of these three individuals is another example of the continued enhanced criminal enforcement campaigns targeting those who illegally distribute narcotics in Gloucester Township. The Gloucester Township Police Department will continue to attack the abuse and sale of narcotics in our community.
Arrest #1:
Name: Alabdulal Williams 40 YOA
Unit block of West Collins Ct.
Blackwood Blackwood NJ 08012
Arrest #2:
Name: Anthony Mangini 39 YOA
100 block of Indiana Ave.
Blackwood NJ 08081
Arrest #3:
Name: Alikeem Billings 33 YOA
Unit block of Center Oak Ave.
Lawnside NJ 08045