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Amendment to Change Gloucester City Charter Topic at Council Meeting

By Sara Martino
Gloucester City News

GLOUCESTER CITY NJ--An ordinance concerning a petition to the New Jersey Legislature to adopt a special law to amend the Gloucester City charter was discussed during the recent City Council meeting.

If the special law is passed and approved, the voters will have the opportunity to elect three at-large council members in addition to one seat per ward.

In the November 2011 election, the voters had chosen this method of changing the city charter to allow for the new system.

During the public hearing on the ordinance allowing a petition to the New Jersey Legislature to adopt a special law to amend the city charter, there was no public comment and the motion to submit the petition was approved.

Further information and advertising on the amendment will be published in the newspapers.

In other business, Council approved the appointment of Patrick Hagan to the Gloucester City Housing Authority.

A motion was made and approved to authorize the payment of $3,468.80 for police department automobile repairs to Dave’s Auto Repairs.
Authorization was approved for a contract with the Camden County Cooperative Pricing system for purchase of office supplies.
Council members said that by purchasing through the system, the city does save some money as opposed to buying as a single entity.
A resolution to execute a collective bargaining agreement with the Communication Workers of America (CWA) was removed as changes need to be made to the agreement.
Another resolution will made and acted on at a later date.
Resident Theresa Graham asked the council members for an update on the Organic Diversions disposal operation.
City Solicitor John Kearney said the operation may begin in six weeks. According to officials the area of the BP Arco plant must undergo remediation by order of the Department of Environmental Protection.
Mrs. Graham also stated that she read an article that said dump material from the city was disposed around the area of the Brooklawn Circle that may attribute to the flooding.
One report in the newspaper said that many years ago, some dry wall material was dumped behind the Produce stand at the circle.
Most of the problems at the flooding site are from an old drainage system.
Following a closed session of the governing body, a motion was made and seconded to authorize payment of $4,500 to Stephen Kay for Golf Study and also to Organic Diversions in the amount $20,159 for reimbursement to Soil Tech. All monies will come from the BP remediation fund.