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Burlington County Is Looking For Business Partners For Logo Contest



By Freeholder Director Joe Donnelly


Bolstering our Burlington County business community has been and will continue to be a major focus of County government.  This will be evident in the coming weeks, as we partner with business organizations countywide on a “buy local” campaign to encourage residents to spend their consumer dollars in their own downtown areas.

That said, today I am seeking business partners to work with us on another initiative – one that will showcase Burlington County’s historic, environmental, and of course, economic resources.

Specifically, we are looking for business sponsorships for our recently-announced logo contest designed to challenge high school students to create a logo that best reflects Burlington County, and our slogan:  South Jersey Starts Here.

The logos will be judged for originality, creativity, relevance to the County and connection with the tag line. One grand prize of $250 will go to the chosen logo and nine additional $25 prizes will go to finalists.

We believe that the potential financial reward gives students some added incentive, so we are looking for friends in businesses who will help us in put together the $475 in prize money.

            With this new slogan, and logo, we will broadcast a proud and powerful message about our County.  We believe that our quality of life speaks for itself, and that this is a place where people want to live, work, play, and, of course do business.

            I welcome the opportunity to be joined by some of our successful businessmen and women when we announce our winners, and present the awards.  It will be a picture of present and future business leaders worth taking.

            Students have until March 29, 2013 to submit their entries.  All submissions should be at least 1 MB in size and sent electronically by emailing me at

A list of the contest rules and guidelines can be found at on the County website.  Interested individuals can call me at (609) 265-5028 for more information.