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Gloucester City Police Label Property on Third Street A Disorderly House | cnbnews.net

On 01/01 at 0157, 1745 and 2015 officers responded to the 200 block of 3rd Street for fight


calls.  As a result, Deena Vadell (30) of 3rd Street was charged with 3 separate counts of Maintaining a Disorderly House as each fight involved people inside of her residence. City Police Chief George Berglund was asked to explan the punishment for being labeled a Disorderly House?



*"If convicted there is a $1200 fine on each count. The landlord is notified and a conviction gives us more ammunition to go after the owner of the property.  We are not going to put up with anyone who wants to disrupt the quality of life of the neighborhood in which they live.  We intend on sending a clear message to those people who want to rent out their properties to people who want to cause havoc. It is also the first step in the process to remove the rental registration privileges of the property owner."






On 12/28 at 0847 a resident of 4th Street reported that on 12/27 she was fighting with another female on the corner of 3rd and Powell Streets when her purse was stolen.  The purse contained the victims cash and medications.


On 12/28 at 0949 it was reported that sometime between 12/25 and 12/28 unknown suspect(s) stole a copper sprinkler fitting from the exterior of the Gloucester Towne building.


On 12/28 at 1245 Clarence Gramley (26) of Temple Ave was arrested while walking in the area of the 500 block of Monmouth Street.  Gramley was found to be in possession of Suboxone strips.  He was charged with Possession of CDS and released.


On 12/28 at 2025 a motor vehicle accident on Broadway and Bergen Street led to the arrest of Joseph Gregory 4th (20) of Audubon.  Gregory was charged with DWI and Possession of an Open Container of Alcohol.  His blood alcohol level was found to be .23%, above the legal limit of .08%.


On 12/29 at 0001 a motor vehicle stop on Essex Street and Broadway led to the arrest of Kimberly Land (34) of Collingswood.  Land was found to be in possession of 7 bags of crack cocaine, 3 bags of heroin and 1 hypodermic syringe.


On 12/29 at 0852 an officer observed a suspicious vehicle parked in the lot of the Gloucester City Marina.  Rachael Howey (30) of Deptford was observed smoking a marijuana cigarette.  She was charged with Possession of Marijuana and released.


On 12/30 at 1142 a motor vehicle stop on Mercer and Sussex Streets led to the arrest of Sean Gallagher (18) of Voorhees and Frank Selmon (19) of Maple Shade.  Gallagher was found to be in possession of 6 bags of heroin and 4 alprazolam pills.  Selmon was found to be in possession of 1 bag of heroin and 1 brown bag containing psychedelic mushrooms.  Both were charged and released.


On 12/30 at 2151 a resident of the 300 block of Monmouth Street reported that sometime overnight unknown suspect(s) punctured two tires on his vehicle.


On 12/30 at 1941 CVS reported that an unknown white male stole numerous items from the store before fleeing the area on foot.




Additionally, officers responded to 19 domestic violence incidents, 6 motor vehicle accidents and made 22 arrests.


*G.C.O. 41-11(b)  Maintenance of a Disorderly House

 For a first offense, the Court shall impose a fine of $1,200.  For a second offense the Court shall impose a fine of $1,200, revoke the person so convicted of his or her right to operate any commercial business at the location of the offense for a period of up to six (6) months, and a term of imprisonment not to exceed six (6) months.