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Just Sayin: Rules

Us at longwood   by Dawn Watson



   If you’ve followed my Just Sayin’ column you probably know a lot about my life. For those of you that have yet to peer into the slightly cockeyed World of Me, here is a quick update: Moved to Gloucester City, opened a business, became a widow, started dating, reconnected with a fellow I loved in the ‘70’s, he moved in. It just made companionship and financial sense.   

   Being a middle-aged lady with a new room-mate has certain qualities I never considered. For example, I had to re-learn how to make foods I haven’t made in 30 years, (like halupkies and perogies) since he is Ukrainian and his mother always made them for him. Also, I’d forgotten that they’re really good.   

   Although I don’t have a lot of spare time on my hands I thought, for the benefit of mankind, or at least, those that read this unknown, voluntary writer's works, I should compile a list of things that other folks of a certain age might consider before taking the live-together plunge. Here is my list, in order of importance:

10. Make rules. House rules, kitchen rules, going out rules.

9. If one of you falls down, the other has to pick him up.

8. If one of you falls down and the other can’t pick him up, agree on which daughter you will call to come over and help you.

7. Keep finances separate. You don’t want to know if he bounces a check. And he doesn’t need to know that you bought shoes you’ll never wear, just because they were pretty.

6. If you don’t already have a dog, get one. You may need to blame it for something.

5. If one of you is on Medicare and the other doesn’t qualify yet, try not to be jealous of the meds. On the other hand, saying things like, “Yeah, I got my Prilosec for 5 bucks today,” is bragging. And you will not get your perogies.

4. Make sure your home has 2 bathrooms. If it doesn’t, install one. The savings in paper towels will make up for the cost in no time.

3. If only one of you can drive, the other one is not allowed to criticize the driver. Unless, of course, he can’t find his way home.

2. Get 2 televisions sets, with cable. You will get along much, much better. Old habits are hard to break and a 24-hour “Murder, She Wrote” marathon might not work for one of you.

And the Number One Rule for people that have decided that companionship at any age is a good idea: Life is short. Make the most of it. Enjoy every day, every hour, every minute.

~Just Sayin’ Dawn Watson