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County Opens Roundabout in Swedesboro

January 18, 2013 (Swedesboro, NJ) – Gloucester County Freeholder Director Robert Damminger, Freeholder Heather Simmons and Mayor Tom Fromm officially opened the new Roundabout in Swedesboro today that replaces an antiquated four-road intersection.

“The four-road intersection of Kings Highway, Salem Road, Center Square Road and Woodstown Road had difficult angles and was confusing to motorists,” said Freeholder Director Damminger.  “By modernizing this troubled intersection and creating this roundabout we are able to slow the traffic entering Swedesboro and create a safer environment,” Damminger said.

Before the roundabout, the ‘through movement’ traffic pattern was County Route 605, as Woodstown Road (south of the intersection), and Kings Highway (north of the intersection).

The Kings Highway CR 605 leg of the intersection is the main approach to downtown business district of Swedesboro.  The speed limit steps down to 25mph in the center of Swedesboro from a 50 mph statutory speed limit along the Woodstown Road CR 605 leg.

County Route 620 enters the intersection from the south as Salem Avenue (also named Kings Highway in neighboring Woolwich Township) at an extreme skewed angle.  CR 620 (locally northbound) then continued abruptly by means of a left turn (locally westbound) as Old Ferry Road (also known as Center Square Road in neighboring Woolwich) towards Logan Township.  Most of the turning volumes involved the Old Ferry Road leg of the intersection.  Salem Avenue to Kings Highway movements were geometrically a ‘through movement’ however northbound movements were stop controlled.

County Route 620 has a 45mph speed limit.  Motorists had the option of avoiding the skewed movements between Woodstown Road and Salem Avenue through utilizing a local connector street, Ogden Road.  The location of the Salem County rail line to the west of the intersection further complicated the roadway traffic patterns and geometrics with grade crossings on Salem Avenue and Old Ferry Road.

“Now this will be a safe intersection that reduced the conflicts that previously occurred,” stated Freeholder Heather Simmons.

Simmons, the liaison to the Department of Public Works and Office of Engineering, said that the project was designed to complement the character of the area.

“When the weather warms up the landscaping and can be completed and this roundabout will act as a gateway for Swedesboro’s main street of Kings Highway and also serve as a traffic calming measure.  The roundabout will maintain continuous traffic flows and avoid substantial queuing onto the adjacent rail crossing,” stated Freeholder Simmons.

The Freeholders said that they were grateful to the local businesses and the motorists for their patience during the construction and detours.

Director Damminger said, “We realize there has been a disruption to the local community and we are thankful for everyone’s patience, but in the long-run it will have been worth the brief disturbance and make it easier for customers to get to the businesses and residents to get to work and home.”

The project, which started in September, was constructed by RE Pierson The total project bid was $779,889 and was 100% State Aid funded.