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Bellmawr Power Outage - Bellmawr Lake Area



(December 8, 2012)BELLMAWR NJ-The Crescent Park section of Bellmawr, near Bellmawr Lake, is experiencing a power outage this morning.  A pole at Farragut and Warren caught fire this morning, knocking out power for several blocks.

A neighbor says they've been calling PSEG about the pole for months.  "I could see an electric arc on the top of the pole every time it rained.  A few months ago even went to the pole and got the number off it and told them"

PSEG was at the pole around 9am to inspect.  Burnt debris was on the ground and the top of the pole was burnt off, and leaning on the wires.  From my "regular guy" vantage point it looks like a new pole will be needed, and hopefully a temporary solution will be in place.

The truck left after about 30 mins...  doing an initial triage, and should be  back soon with more crews.  They commented to the County Fire police that the workload seemed light today so they were going to try and "drop a new pole today"

Recent Sandy recovery efforts has probably impacted PSEG's efforts to proactively address an issue like this...  but the resident indicated they were calling long before Sandy.

UPDATE:  By 10:15 work crews were on the scene, and looks like they will be patching the pole with an extension.

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_DSC8868 Update: By 10:15 repair efforts were in process.  A long wooden post was at the scene so it appears they will be patching an extension in.



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