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Meandering w/ Mark Matthews: Brooklawn K-Mart Construction Update |

I made a late trip to the Brooklawn Shop-Rite last night, and down by what is usually a darkened west end, I noticed the ol' K-Mart store was lit up like a beacon calling out to me to come take a look.  :-)

So before heading home, I drove over to see that an interior partition wall is basically complete.

The new wall segregates about 1/3 of the building on the right side, leaving a large portion on the left which includes the main front glass entrance.

If you've been following along this week to my prior post, and the CNBnews staff update on the new project for the Brooklawn K-Mart, you know that a fitness center is coming in.

So, not really knowing specifics about the new gym layout (or any gym for that matter!), it's tough to determine which section will house the gym.  My first thought is that the smaller (but still large) section on the right would be perfect for a gym.... makes complete sense to have it located adjacent to the rest of the shopping center.  Knock-out an entrance through the front brick and it's good-to-go.

But then looking at pictures of other facilities on the internet, I wondered if the new fitness center could take over the larger portion of the building, while gaining use of the existing glass entry-way.

Or maybe, there are more walls still to go up?!

This is a similar strategy implemented a mile away in Bellmawr where Retro-Fitness was one of the first new tenants to move into the old SuperFresh space (Actually,I'm not sure SuperFresh was open long enough to be called old!)

It is great to see some life back in the old building, and once one new tenant is in, one would hope this leads to more soon.  The stores in shopping center should be very happy to get new neighbors, new foot traffic, and new customers!

One possible down side;  it does seem to indicate that what many area residents had wished for... another large store for the building...  has become more of a long-shot.

So going with what I saw...

The new wall.  If you remember, when you entered the store, to the right was basically all of the clothing sections.  A large area but still smaller than the remaining section.

Pink and Blue coloring, estimating where the new wall is located, dividing the K-Mart space.  So where does the new Fitness Center go?   Pink side or Blue?  Or some other smaller section?


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