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 GLOUCESTER CITY NJ-Jersey Avenue in between 6th and 7th Street floods everytime there is a heavy rain storm. 




GLOUCESTER CITY NJ-With the arrival of hurricane Sandy we will be experiencing a storm that will have a major impact upon our area.  We are urging everyone to stay off of the roads.  There is no need to go out to have a look around.  We are seeing people out and about at the moment just driving around town.  We are currently in a state of emergency which means that only essential personnel should be on the roadways. 


As the winds pick up there is a danger of trees and power lines falling onto the roadways and vehicles, compounded with the flooding it may make getting back home an impossible task. If you are out on the street for a non valid reason you are risking a ticket.  The Gloucester City Police Department will not respond to non emergency calls.  If there is an emergency dial 911 immediately. 


Most of our severe flooding will occur around the high tides which is around 3pm and 3am.  There is no doubt that the flooding will be higher than normal and we are advising against walking into or driving into any flooded areas.  Roads will be closed around the flooded areas.  Places that normally do not see flooding will flood and for that reason we are advising against going outside just to see what is going on.  There could be downed wires around and you are risking your life by venturing out.  We have extra staff on hand to deal with any emergency that arises. 


Stay home and stay safe!


George Berglund

Chief of Police


Gloucester City Police Department

313 Monmouth St.

Gloucester City, NJ 08030