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September Press Release

On 8/31/12 Brooklawn Police Officer Stires responded to an ambulance call on the 100 block of North Wilson Avenue for a report of a women going into labor. Upon arrival Officers were directed to the female who was in the living room. Within in minutes Officer Stires observed the baby’s head crowning and prepared to deliver the baby. Brooklawn EMS arrived on scene and was instructed to bring in an obstetrics kit. While the EMT’s were bringing in the kit Officer Stires delivered the baby. Both mother and baby were transported to the hospital by Brooklawn EMS and are reportedly doing just fine.

On 9/2/12 Jacquelin Denise Robinson, 43, of Brooklawn was stopped for a motor vehicle violation. Through further investigation the accused was found to have an outstanding warrant for her arrest. She was brought to police headquarters processed and released.

On 9/2/12 Sarhon Bailey, 33, of Camden was a passenger in a motor vehicle stop and during the course of the stop he attempted to hinder the investigation by providing Officer’s with false information about his identity. The accused was eventually correctly identified and found to have multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest. He was brought to police headquarters processed and remanded to the Camden County Jail.

On 9/4/12 Officer’s responded to the Sunoco Gas Station for a burglary that happened sometime over night. An unknown actor pried open the front door of the food mart and gained entry to the cashier’s booth. The suspect took multiple items for the store. Anyone with any information involving this incident please contact the Brooklawn Police.

On 9/10/12 Officer’s responded to the Shop Rite for a theft of a purse. The victim was loading her items into her vehicle and left her purse in the shopping cart. When she returned approximately ten minutes later the purse was gone.

On 9/11/12 Lynn Marie Amatrudo, 36, of Brooklawn was stopped for a motor vehicle violation. Upon further investigation Amatrudo was found to have an outstanding warrant for her arrest. She was arrested, processed, and released after posting partial bail.

On 9/14/12 Officer’s responded to the Red Carpet Inn on Route 130 for a report of a stolen vehicle. Ronnie Marvin Leary, 49, of Pine Hill stated that a female friend of his, who was staying at the motel with him, took his vehicle sometime this morning and he wanted to report the vehicle as stolen. The vehicle was entered into the N.C.I.C. system as stolen and a pick up and hold was broadcasted for the vehicle and for the suspect April Elizabeth Parks, 33, of Gloucester City. A few hours later police were notified that the vehicle was located at the Dunkin’ Donuts in Gloucester City but the suspect the suspect had fled the area prior to police arrival. The vehicle was removed from N.C.I.C. as stolen and the victim Ronnie Leary decided not to pursue any charges against the suspect.

On 9/14/12 Officer’s responded to the 300 block of Bergen Street for a found burglary. Upon arrival Officers spoke with the victim’s and were advised that numerous pieces of jewelry were taken from the residence sometime between 09/10/12 and 09/14/12. Anyone with information pertaining to this incident is asked to contact the Brooklawn Police Department.

On 9/15/12 Officer’s responded to the Brooklawn Food Mart for a report of shoplifting. The suspects were last seen at the Dunkin’ Donuts in the Brooklawn Shopping Center. The items were recovered and returned to the owner who did not wish to pursue the issue. While an Officer was watching Stephen Paul Smarrito, 25, of Glendora walk away he noticed he was walking awkwardly and then watched as he reached into his shorts as if to remove something from between his legs. He was stopped by the Officers and after a brief investigation he was found to be in possession of 9 Xanax pills (2mg) and 1 oxycodone pill (30mg). He was arrested for possession of CDS and with possession of CDS with the intent to distribute. He was processed and remanded into the Camden County Jail on $20,000.00 full cash bail.

On 9/15/12 Officer’s were informed that a group of juveniles spray-painted the area both inside and outside of the playground at the Alice Costello School. All three juveniles were identified and, along with their parents, brought to Brooklawn Police Headquarters. The three juveniles admitted to the vandalism and were released to their parents. They were given community service being as it was their first offense.

On 9/18/12 Officer’s responded to the rear of Advanced Auto in the Brooklawn Shopping Center where the carnival was being held. Sometime over night an unknown actor entered the carnival and cut approximately 75ft of 1 inch copper coated cable. Anyone with information regarding this incident please contact the Brooklawn Police department.

On 9/19/12 Officer’s responded to the area of the 100 block of New Broadway for a report of a female who was intoxicated. Katherine Dianne Hawco, 53, of Camden was arrested for disturbing the peace after she refused to listen to Officer’s commands. She was brought to police headquarters, processed, and transported to Underwood Memorial Hospital by Brooklawn EMS.

On 9/20/12 Officer’s responded to the Hess Gas Station on the East Traffic Circle for a theft. The gas attendant was making change for the suspect who asked for $50.00 of gas. When the attendant pulled out his money the suspect grabbed it out of his hands and sped off at a high rate of speed onto Route 130 and fled southbound. The description of the vehicle is an older 4 door, blue in color and is missing a gas cap. The driver is described as a white male approximately 5ft 7in in his late 20’s early 30’s with blonde hair, wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans. The passenger was described only as a white male wearing a hoodie. Anyone with information on this incident please contact the Brooklawn Police Department.

On 9/21/12 Officer’s responded to the Shop Rite for a shoplifter in custody. Virginia Catherine Reilly, 54, of Bellmawr was arrested for shoplifting numerous bottles of over the counter medications. Through further investigation the accused was found to have several outstanding warrants for her arrest. She was transported to police headquarters and processed. She was released after posting bail.


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