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Sound Off: Governor, Come Home and Sell the Higher Ed Bond Issue

As you may have noticed, Governor Christie has been out of state a lot lately, campaigning Images for Republicans all over the country. 

It's no surprise that our governor's in great demand - after all, he is a master communicator who knows how to frame an argument, using plain and memorable language to make the case. And his personality arguably is more magnetic than any New Jersey politician, present or past.

And that's precisely why we need him back in New Jersey to actively campaign for the Higher Education Bond Issue. 
It's a proposal the governor supports - after all, he signed the bill that put the measure on the ballot - and argues for it emphatically and effectively on occasion. But for the sake of the future of our state and our students he must do so more often as the November 6 vote approaches.

As I note in my new piece, it's especially important for Governor Christie to lead this charge because he alone commands the attention and has the rhetorical clout to explain that supporting higher education in New Jersey is crucial - in fact, more important than ever - in the face of members of his party in Congress that have stoked a frenzy over federal debt and deficits and declared war on federal investments in medical and basic research, funding for higher education, student scholarships and loans, not to mention funding for highways, bridges, airports, and port development.

Read the entire piece here, and feel free to weigh in with your ideas or opinions.

Gordon MacInnes 
President, NJPP 
New Jersey Policy Perspective


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