Rutgers vTemple Saturday at Noon

Gloucester City High over Wildwood


Gloucester City (N.J.) was up 36-8 at the half after taking the lead on a Ben Boyertouchdown run in the first quarter.

The Lions expanded their lead to 38 points entering the fourth quarter. Gloucester City scored four times in the third, including once on a touchdown run by Boyer.

Wesley Hills made a difference for Wildwood (N.J.). The senior running back ran for two touchdowns. He has now scored 27 touchdowns on the season.

GC had given up an average of 15.6 points prior to the contest. The Warriors' 14 points were well below their season average of 34.8 per game.

When the two teams played each other last season, the Lions came away with a 28-0 victory.

In a non-conference game next week Gloucester City (5-1) takes on Woodstown, and Wildwood (4-3) will go up against Newark Academy also in a non-conference game.

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