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Op-Ed: Why I endorse Gary Johnson for President |

Graphics and Opinion by Wil Levins

Meet GaryElection after election we lower the bar on our expectations. Campaign after campaign we give way to just one more compromise of our principles, just one more violation of our freedoms, just one more term in office for a person who will raise spending, increase the size of Government, balloon the debt, and force needless regulation into our lives. Piece by piece we have allowed our elected officials to shred our Constitution, surrender our sovereignty, debase our currency, and submit our rights to a faceless bureaucracy

However, I believe this upcoming election can be one of the great moments in America's storied history, when its citizens send a clear and decisive message to those who hold steadfast to the establishment of perpetual bureaucracy.  In many diverse yet individual voices, we can say "You've taken too much of our liberty, too much of our labor, too much of our safety, too much of our children's future, and too many of the things that had made America the envy of the world! We divert from these political sub standards in the Two-Party system, chart a new course, and compellingly choose to turn this Country around." 

But this catalyst for an American Renaissance will not happen unless we have the courage to stand up and face the challenges of reestablishing ourselves as the owners of our own destinies.  We, a People defined by our faith in freedom, must have the courage to achieve prosperity as only WE can maintain our liberty. It is not given by Government, it is our inherent and undeniable right as Americans - it must be reclaimed!

In this uncertain age, when our People are losing faith in the American Dream and our Government demeans our civil liberties, defiles our Country's Foundation, destroys our economy, and rewards its associates with unfathomable riches, we need someone who will be the champion for the rescue of our lost prosperity. I find only one candidate whose record and rhetoric confirm a profound determination to protect our individual rights, defend our civil liberties, and preserve our personal freedom.

I endorse Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Candidate for President, and it is for him that I will cast my vote in November. I encourage you to see Gary Johnson's message for yourself at and learn why I so strongly support his candidacy for President.