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Brooklawn Boro Swears In New Councilman Patrick MacAdams

By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

Brooklawn Mayor Theresa Branella gave the oath of office to Patrick MacAdams as his wife, Brittany, held the Bible, during last week’s Borough Council meeting.

“I have met and talked with Patrick and he is ready to roll up his sleeves,” Mayor Branella said.

“We have lots of projects going on and we are looking forward to your contribution,” said Council members, adding that a few of them have known Patrick since he was a youngster.

He is the nephew of Councilman Tom MacAdams.

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve,” Patrick MacAdams said.

He is replacing former Councilwoman Rickie Boulden, who had resigned in June due to personal reasons, and will be on the ballot in the November General Election for the unexpired term.

As part of the procedure in selecting a replacement, the Democratic Party submitted three names for the governing body’s selection: Patrick MacAdams, Colin MacAdams and Kevin Everhart.

Councilman Greg Gilbert commented on a meeting with Councilwoman Julie McCleary regarding a Web Site design for the borough. 

A motion in favor of a resolution to award Shelton Anderson, a professional designer who had given a presentation to Council in July, was made by Gilbert.

“Let’s get started, the sooner the better,” McCleary said.

The start-up cost for the web site design, which is supposed to be more “user friendly,” was quoted at $4700.


Councilman Jerry “Skip” Granstrom mentioned the need for a “grate” at the Brooklawn Circle.

  “Flooding is still an on-going problem at the circle. I remember when the water was 10 feet over the circle last spring,” he said.

  Fire Department Chief Sam Cilurso said also remembered that, saying, “I had five to six feet of water in my house.”

  Engineer Fusco recommended that the council reject bids for the firehouse roof and for the repaving of Christiana Street, since the bids were much higher than anticipated.

  “Six or seven bids we received for the firehouse roof repair were over the estimate of $25,000 for the flat roof. The low bid was quoted as $50, 000,” he said.

  A low bid of $250,000 for the repaving of Christiana Street was $50,000 over the estimate. Council approved the rejection of the bids.

  Discussion was held over the need for a new 25-yard dump truck.

  Repairs amounted to $10,000 this year alone, and now it is estimated that it will cost $5,000 for other repairs,” Borough Clerk Ryan Giles said.

  Congratulations were given to Giles upon his completion and good marks in passing the Certified Municipal Financial Officer test.


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