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CNBNews author Hank WilliamCNBNews author Hank William )

Long time CNBNews columnist Hank Miller who is the author of

 When East Meets West commentary for six years is very sick.

Please keep him in your prayers

His daughter recently wrote,

Mr. Cleary.

 This is Hank F. Miller's daughter, Rachel. 

I'm contacting you regarding my father's health condition.

Today, my mother was told that he will only live for 3 months the longest if lucky.

His lung cancer is spreading rapidly without any control.

Doctor have told my mother that he could pass away at any time now so she's required to sleep over night at the hospital.

I'm in Tokyo currently working full time, but I'm flying home this coming Friday right after my work. 

I thought I would notify you about his condition since he loved writing stories for you. 

Warm regards, 

Rachel Miller