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Westville Council Concerned with Traffic Delays on Rt 130

By Sara Martino

Gloucester City News

Westville Councilman Charles Murtaugh gave a brief report during last week’s meeting regarding a discussion between Conrail, Sunoco and other participants.

Since the takeover of the Eagle Point terminal at the Sunoco property on Route 130 in Westville-West Deptford, Sunoco Logistics has been moving rail cars carrying shale, petrol-chemicals and natural gas by-products from North Dakota and Western Pennsylvania to that location.

Westville Borough Council is concerned about the delays of traffic on Routes 45 and 130 caused by the increasing number of rail cars crossing the tracks.

“We have had reports of a citizen and a child crossing under the stalled cars because of the long wait,” Murtaugh said.

Cars trying to avoid the long wait on Route 45 cross through Hazel Street, only to be confronted with stalled traffic there also, he said.

The two companies said a signal is needed on Route 130, including a gate notice that will allow for pedestrian safety.

Also, perhaps Hazel Avenue would be reduced to one lane traffic only, according to the meeting report.

At the onset of the rail movement, only 13 to 15 cars were predicted to go into the Eagle Point terminal for processing. River barges and trucks were supposed to bring in the by-products also.

Recently, a total of 80 cars delayed the traffic as they shifted tracks along Route 45, Council members said.

On a recent Thursday, vehicle traffic was backed up to the Brooklawn circle due to the high volume of

the trains.

“Ultimately, it is Sunoco Logistics’ responsibility to come up with a safety plan for the protection of pedestrians and drivers,” Borough Engineer Norman Rogers said, and the governing body agreed.

Discussion was also held on the design on the borough water tank once work is completed. The tank is now covered with a protective cover that is attached to a canopy.

Sand-blasting is being conducted on the inside of the tank that will again hold 650,000 gallons of water for resident’s usage.

Councilman William Packer, who was the former Public Works manager before retiring, said he would like to see the flag again painted on the tank.

Council has not agreed on the wording yet. But, suggestions included “Borough of Westville, Gateway to South Jersey,” and to have the Borough seal painted also.

A motion was made and seconded that will enact a ban on smoking at all parks and recreation venues in the borough as requested by Councilman Murtaugh, chair of public buildings, grounds, parks and recreation.

The Gloucester County Freeholder Board recently delayed a vote on the ban on county parks stating that they needed feed-back back from local municipalities who must have their police departments able to enforce the ban.

According to some reports, several mayors did not even know about the proposed ban before reading it in the newspaper.


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