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( CITY NJ-Several people have asked about the No Fishing signs at Freedom Pier, King and Cumberland Streets, whether or not they can still fish at the pier since the ordinance prohiting fishing hasn't been passed on final reading. The public hearing and final adoption for that new law is scheduled for the August 16 council meeting.

Gloucester City Solicitor John Kearney was asked about the ordinance today (Friday, August 3). "Generally speaking an ordinance doesn't go into effect until 20 days after publication of the adopted ordinance in a newspaper.

"As for no fishing at Freedom Pier, the no fishing is immediately enforceable by virtue of the City being the property owner. It is just like you saying no-one can fish off your dock. Until the final adoption anyone who violates the no fishing sign is not subject to penalty, just being escorted off the pier.  After it is adopted the ordinance makes it a violation with penalty", said Kearney via email.

Dan Reader, Community Activist, in a comment posted earlier today said, "The signs banning fishing are already posted so what is the need for a second reading when it has already been decided. This just proves my point THE PUBLIC HAS NO SAY IN GLOUCESTER CITY EXCEPT IN THE VOTING BOOTH. So if my fellow citizens want a say in their city they had better vote Republican in November. When you go into the voting booth ask yourself this question, Am I happy with the way things are going in Gloucester City ? If the answer is no vote the Democrats OUT!"  

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