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Op-Ed: A Shared Hypocrisy |

Opinion and Graphic by Wil Levins

EVERYBODY SHOUTINGIt never ceases to amaze me, as I view conservative and liberal news sites, to see Far-Left Statists Liberals and Far-Right Social Conservatives consistently denouncing one another as whackos, nut-jobs, fanatics, socialists, fascists,  atheists, un-patriotic or totally un-American.  Yet, throughout their spittle-emitting tirades,  neither group's representatives have realized the common thread linking the two in a mirror of rights-denying hypocrisy.

No Responsibility

When I look at the Statist Far Left and the Social Far Right, I see two groups who are more than willing to confiscate our rights, personal responsibilities, private property, and individual choices to advance the agenda of an altruistic, ever-present, all-knowing benefactor who will look out for everyone's best interests by directing our lives with their "Plan".  Of course this "Plan", whether it be crafted by Religious Zealots, Face-less Bureaucrats, or Do-Gooder Politicians, will allow the People to be protected and provided for - willing they give up their rights and take direction.

No Rights

While trying to mold us all into their "Plan", both groups endeavor to restrict our rights in what we can say, what we consume, how we dress, what we read, how we act, what we listen to, who we can love, where we can go, how we use our bodies, what we can buy, who we can buy from, how we think, how we exercise our beliefs, and how our money is utilized .  All of this, of course, is done in the name of the common-good. 

No Thanks

These two groups have given their respective political parties a black-eye and a bad name. The pendumlum swing from one extreme to the next, that they have done the most to create, has become disastrous for our society's freedom and prosperity. I hope you will take a moment to watch, listen, and debate for yourself what is being said in this campaign year.  Question everything and look for the truth behind the demagoguery, fear mongering, and hypocrisy to identify the common intentions of denying your rights.


The Author's Personal Disclaimer - Because I believe in the rights and liberty of the individual, I will be voting for Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson.  Though I am a Republican, I hold libertarian principles as they are grounded in the concepts of liberty, individual rights, private property, and self-sovereignty.