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New Jersey Citizen Action Criticizes New Jersey Members of Congress for Helping to Defeat Middle-Class Tax Cut Bill


 in U.S. House of Representatives 

Six New Jersey House Members Vote to Protect Bush Tax Cuts for Richest 2% at Expense of Other 98%


Highland Park, NJ – New Jersey Citizen Action criticized members of the New Jersey Congressional delegation who helped to defeat a middle-class tax bill in the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday. The bill would extend the Bush-era tax cuts for every state resident on the first $250,000 in household income, but would end them above that level, which only benefit the richest 2 percent of Americans.  The House rejected the legislation, 257 to 170, one week after the Senate passed the same middle-class tax cut bill, 51 to 48. (You can see how all House members voted here).


Instead, Representatives LoBiondo (NJ-2), Runyan (NJ-3), Smith (NJ-4), Garrett (NJ-5), Lance (NJ-7) and Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) voted to help secure passage of a bill to extend all the Bush tax cuts, including for the richest 2 percent, but raise taxes on 25 million mostly middle- and lower-income families by an average of $1,000, by reducing several refundable tax credits. The Senate rejected a nearly identical bill last week, 54-45, but the House passed it yesterday, 256 to 171. (You cansee how all House members voted here).


“How can these six members of the House vote for legislation to ensure the richest 2 percent of their constituents continue getting tax breaks, while making their middle- and lower-income constituents pay the tab?” said Ann Vardeman, Organizer at NJ Citizen Action, a member of the Americans for Tax Fairness grassroots campaign of more than 140 state and national groups.  “The richest 2 percent of already get the biggest tax breaks that most New Jerseyans can only dream about.  Congress must end the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 percent, so the wealthiest Americans start paying their fair share.”


The House-passed bill that would extend the Bush tax cuts for the richest 2 percent would give someone who makes more than $1 million a year an average tax break of about $150,000 more than the Senate-passed middle-class tax cut bill, which the House rejected yesterday.


“It’s time the tax code was fair to everyone who works hard and plays by the rules,” said Vardeman. “New Jersey’s Republican Congressmen should reverse course when Congress reconsiders this issue later this year: it’s time we stop giving large tax cuts to those who need them the least.”  



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