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Campaign 2012: GOP Candidate Lisa Lopez Says James Gang "Lost Their Way"

Gloucester City Third Ward Republican council candidate Lisa Lopez issued the following statement today about Mayor William James and his adminstration.

I have been thinking about this topic a lot. When Mayor James and the rest of the current City Council were elected, I am sure they had great ideas.

They live here.They saw the difficulties our community faces, And they had a plan for how they wanted to deal with them. They are not evil people - they most likely did not set out to do things that would tick us off. They wanted to make Gloucester City a better place to live, For all of us.

I don't know whether they lost their way. I don't know whether they changed their priorities. What I do know is that they stepped into positions where people are going to vehemently argue with them  almost every day. For every person who says, "Great job!", they are going to find people who think they have failed the trust they have been given.

I'm running for Council in November, and so this probably makes me a bit more introspective about this question. I don't like things that they have done. I disagree with them. A lot of it is basic political philosophy - I think Gloucester City people need to step up, And government needs to step back, Manage the responsibilities given to them and leave alone things that need letting alone. I don't think we need more ordinances, more regulation, but more common sense and application of those ordinances already in place.

But what it comes down to is the fact that they were willing to step up to make the hard decisions that needed to be made, And they deserve our respect for that willingness to serve.

I think you (the public) should carefully consider who you vote for in November. I know that a good person does not set out to do wrong, But good people sometimes make decisions that are wrong. What you need to decide is whether the vision and dreams YOU have for Gloucester City match those of the council members up for election. If they do, then you vote to keep the council as it is. But if it doesn't I ask that your vote for me.

Look around, vote YOUR conscience. Vote YOUR dreams. Vote YOUR vision for Gloucester City.

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