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A Sincere Thank You


On June 20 at 12:30 a.m. my father, Joseph Sabatini passed. He was living in California with me, my husband and daughter.

My first phone call back east to New Jersey, where our family is from and where my parents had made their final arrangements was to McCann-Healey Funeral Home. It was 3:30 a.m. there and my first contact was with Rosemary Healey. From that point on all necessary details from arranging to have my father’s body picked up, prepared and ready for transport was laid out and executed through McCann-Healey.

John and Patrick Healey navigated me through the details of California law for the release of my father’s body to be transported to New Jersey, all for all the necessary certificates to be expedited and signed. They arranged to allow me to visit my father during the days it took for this process to be completed.

They made me aware of the unknown details such as which airline I should request from the transport carrier so that his body would not sit overnight or weekend in an inappropriate climate.

They made sure during this time my father’s body was properly maintained and picked immediately up from the airport and taken to the funeral home.

John and Patrick Healey were always available to speak with and arranged conference calls with my family back east so that we were all informed and questions were answered uniformly.

When I met Rosemary she was as lovely and empathetic to me as the voice I first encountered on the phone that early morning my dad passed.

The entire McCann-Healey family was as accommodating, respectful and attentive as I hoped during my family’s time of sorrowful planning of this event.

I sincerely thank Rosemary, John and Patrick for their professional and empathetic handling of these arrangements from coast to coast from our family.

Sara Scibona