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A note from soldier #64 stationed in Afghanistan


Ewing, NJ … Andrew Mason’ 10 is a former offensive lineman for The College of New Jersey football team. He wore #64 for the Lions, playing through the 2010 season when he earned the Earl H. Dean Scholar-Leader-Athlete award. Mason is also a graduate of TCNJ’s U.S. Army ROTC program and graduated with a degree in criminal justice with a 3.37 overall cumulative average.


Mason is currently serving in the United States Military and stationed in Afghanistan. He recently reached out to head coach Eric Hamilton via email. For purposes of security, details of his location, platoon, and mission have been removed.


“Just wanted to drop a line and wish you and the guys luck this year. Hope camp is going well. Wish I was out there with you guys instead of in this place. You really don't realize how much you miss it until the opportunity to play is gone.


“I'm going on month four of the deployment and it feels like every day is Groundhog Day. I’m in (Afghan) City mentoring the (local police). We were living with them at a Police Sub Station, just my platoon of 33 and them, which was hairy at times because we were all alone out there in the middle of the city. We have since moved back to a small American base on the other side of the city. We have had it pretty rough out here in the short amount of time. I’ve had two soldiers wounded and sent back to the states and Walter Reed.


“I'm sure the guys are chomping at the bit to get after Ursinus, I see the last time we played them you were playing. It’s been a while.


“Tell the guys I said hi. Tell coach Meert to give the offensive linemen a break, too.


“Hope all is well with you and your family.”