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The SUV hit the telephone pole at the corner of Nicholson Road and Rutgers Avenue breaking it in half. The SUV rolled over on its side trapping a young woman. There were three other occupants. The driver and the woman were  taken to the Cooper Hospital, Camden NJ. The woman remains in the hospital. The other two passengers refused treatment.

Photos by CCW

 : According to Gloucester City Police Lt. Brian Morrell, "The driver of the vehicle, Timothy Hagan, was injured as was a female passenger. Both were taken to Cooper Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The woman remains in the hospital and is listed in stable condition. Hagan, of Gloucester City, was charged with DWI, as well as, Driving with a Suspended License. The other two passengers refused treatment. "


Philadelphia WPVI Channel Six is reporting the woman found under the vehicle is in critical condition. Click here

UPDATE: 9:37 AM 


GLOUCESTER HEIGHTS NJ-Early Sunday at  3:40 AM neighbors in the area of Rutgers Avenue and Nicholson Road were awaken by a loud crashing sound. 

"I was awaken by what I thought at first was just thunder but it was way worse," said one resident. When I looked outside I saw a grey SUV flipped on its side laying on my neighbor's lawn with a young woman under it! There was a guy sitting in front of my house  bleeding from his head.  A cop was with him. Another man was walking around in a daze. I literally felt sick, it looked like a war zone.

Continuing she said, "Apparently the driver heading east towards Route 130 lost control hitting the corner telephone pole at Rutgers Avenue splitting the pole in half. There were four people in the car, two men and two women. I have to tell you , Gloucester City Firefighters are awesome, they got in and got the young woman out from under the car very carefully but quickly. She was moving her legs and arms so hopefully she will be okay. It seemed to take forever  before the ambulance arrive...which is crazy!"

The names of the occupants of the car are unknown at this time. They were taken to area hospitals for treatment of their injuries. Their condition is unknown. Further information will follow. 

In the distance the SUV is laying on it side, part of a telephone pole is on top of it. The photo was taken before emergency personnel removed the woman who was trapped under the vehicle.