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Letters: Bellmawr Needs to Control Who Visits our Community

  First it was cat colonies, now tent vagrants?  What next?  I’m not surprised to hear about this. We are constantly seeing the influx of hundreds of people coming to sports/events over the course of a year at the Recreation Center, including some from out of state. 


  Since there is no one controlling this, there is no control over who is coming into our neighborhoods. No one knows what these people are looking at, and, perhaps seeking to steal, as they are walking past our houses.   

  It is bad enough that we live so close to a major highway that provides easy entrance to and exit from our streets, but we do not have to have continual events that attract strangers, perhaps criminals, to our area. 

  Unfortunately, we also have a small number of our own residents vandalizing properties and churches.  Our police are stretched to the limit. There needs to be a reduction in the big events in this town. I realize someone is making some money on this, but enough is enough.

Maryanne Heath, Bellmawr