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The Emmy Winner for Historical Documentary... Frank Batavick! GCHS Alumnus Class of '63


Frank and Emmy 6-16-12


By Bill Cleary


( Over the years there have been many alumnus from Gloucester Catholic High School, Gloucester City NJ,  that have made a name for themselves in one venture or another. Some were and still are professional football and baseball players, college professors, teachers, surgeons, doctors, nurses, university deans, federal judges, municipal judges, lawyers, newspaper publishers/editors, building contractors, engineers, architects and on and on and on.


However in the 82-year history of the school there has never been an alumnus, as far as we know, who has won an Emmy. That is until now. 


Frank J. Batavick, Class of 1963, was presented the golden statue at the 54th Emmy® Awards ceremony held on June 16th at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.  


The win was in the Historical Documentary category.  The film was produced for the New Windsor Heritage Committee and funded, in part, by a mini-grant from the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area, a certified heritage area of the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority.  Additional support was provided by the New Windsor State Bank and Lehigh Cement Company.

Batavick, a former Audubon NJ resident, wrote, produced and directed the documentary.  


In accepting the award, Batavick dedicated the Emmy® to the late Julia R. Cairns, who was known as New Windsor's "unofficial historian" and who spent decades gathering and preserving the history of the Carroll County village. He also acknowledged project funders and those who worked on the project, including Bryce Workman, historical consultant; Erik Yount, editor; Steve Smith, producer of the program Open and the animation of the Dielman Inn; Reverend Jim Benedict; the staff of the Community Media Center; and members of the New Windsor Heritage Committee.

After graduating from La Salle University, Frank was drafted and spent two years in the Army. He got his Masters from the University of Maryland in Radio-TV-Film.  In between college and the Army he married Dori Radlinger, of Gloucester City, who is also a GCHS Alumnus Class of 63. 

His first full-time job was at Maryland Public TV where he produced both Public Affairs shows and instructional programs for the schools and colleges.  In 1990 the couple moved to Bloomington, IN where he was Director of Product Development for the Agency for Instructional Technology, continuing to produce TV programs for the academic market but for national distribution. 


 In 1996 he took a job with Films for the Humanities and Sciences outside of Princeton, NJ. As Chief Content Officer, he was responsible for licensing films for sales to schools, colleges, and libraries from producers like ABC News, CBS, HBO, the BBC and many other foreign program providers. He also oversaw the production of approximately 50 programs a year. 


Frank and Dori live in Westminster, MD.  They have three children (a boy and 2 girls) and 5 grandchildren.  “Dori, the love of my life, is a graduate of the University of MD and was a first and third grade teacher until her retirement”, said Frank.


Asked if there was any other film he produced over his illustrious career that stands out, Frank said, “I have produced or executive produced well over 800 programs in my career, many of them documentaries. The highlight was a program with President Reagan from the White House Rose Garden in which he addressed graduating seniors.  It was carried by PBS stations and the Armed Forces Radio and TV Network.”


“I am now retired but have since written and produced a number of short and long-form programs for the Carroll County, MD community access channel, including "Time's Crossroads" which won the EMMY.”  


 The “Time’s Crossroads”  DVD may be purchased for $29.95 from the New Windsor Heritage Committee at the town’s museum on Main Street in New Windsor, or in Westminster at The Shop at Cockey's,  part of the Historical Society of Carroll County.  It is also carried by The New Windsor State Bank in New Windsor.  Mail or online orders are also possible; visit the following websites for more information: and

 The 1963 Class of Gloucester Catholic is presently making plans for their 50th reunion to be celebrated in the fall of 2013. Anyone from that class who would like to receive further information can send their Email address to