Gloucester City News Headlines for August 2 issue
Letter to the Editor: Enjoyed the Growing Up Gloucester Article

Your Money: State To Fund New Fire Suppression System, Chimney Repairs, At MEC

The New Jersey Schools Development Authority (SDA) announced last week that it will fund two projects at Mary Ethel Costello (MEC) School, Cumberland Street, Gloucester City.

The SDA is earmarking $450,000 to fund a new fire suppression system, which will bring the school up to fire code, and chimney repairs.

“Two years ago I stood in Mary Ethel Costello School and highlighted the issues plaguing the 100-year-old building,” State Senator Donald Norcross (D-5) said.

“This long-overdue funding will help ensure the safety of students, faculty and administration at this school,” Norcross said.

Currently, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students attend classes at MEC, despite a plan by the state starting more than 10 years ago to build at new Gloucester City Middle School at the property bounded by Market Street and Jersey Avenue.

Through eminent domain, the state purchased 68 homes and two businesses and demolished them, creating a hole in the heart of Gloucester City.

Last year the SDA announced that the new middle school will indeed be built, but as of yet there has been no construction at the site.

“The next step is putting shovels in the ground to build a new facility for our children,” Sen. Norcross said.

“These emergent projects are only bandages on a much larger problem, and the only remedy is new schools,” he said.