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CNBNews Op-Ed: Corbett’s Response On Sandusky Fails To Answer Questions!

OPINION: Corbett's office responds to Freind column


To the Editor:

Chris Freind's "open letter" to Gov. Corbett is little more than a self-indulgent repetition of questions long ago answered or disregarded for their pure disingenuousness.

While conspiracy theories have become a regrettable staple in our national dialogue, the length of the investigation into Jerry Sandusky reflected thoroughness, not politics. Grand juries take time. Evidence in decades old molestations must be reassembled. A moral certainty of conviction must be reached.

Freind cites "a decade's worth of evidence" against Sandusky as the reason he should have been charged sooner. Where does Mr. Freind think that decade's worth of evidence came from? It had to be gathered, reluctant witness-by-reluctant witness, with accompanying corroborating evidence.

Freind actually suggests Corbett should have arrested Sandusky and built the investigation afterward. Under what Constitution would he do this?

One recurring theme invoked by Freind is the assertion that Corbett accepted donations from members of the board of Sandusky's charity, The Second Mile. This board included just about anyone in the state with a Penn State connection and a successful business. And like most successful business people, they belonged to multiple boards of charities.

People determined to find ghosts or space aliens or conspiracies can assemble all manner of stray threads and declare them an overcoat. But in the end, there are these irrefutable facts: Jerry Sandusky was convicted on 45 of 48 counts. He is away from children - forever.

Four other agencies were advised of his predations as long ago as 1998. None acted. Tom Corbett did.

Dennis Roddy

Office of the Governor