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Iron Lady, Proprietors Park
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GLOUCESTER CITY NJ-Some friends, fellow artists and fellow citizens are trying to put together a committee to restore the statue of the lady at Proprietors Park.


We know she was commissioned by Billy Thompson, the Duke of Gloucester for one of his children as a wedding gift, and that it was placed on a property on Brown Street way back when.

What we would like know is the name of the artist? Where was it made? What year it was made? When was it placed at the Brown Street home. How did it end up at Proprietors Park?

If we could find out this information it would really help in getting things moving to have the statue restored, put on a pedistal up off the ground as well as some nice new landscaping and lighting to show her off. We keep running into dead ends, and I know you and your readers know their history . So if there is anything you could do to help get the information we need, we would be very greatful.

Dan Reader

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