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Gloucester City News Headlines for August 2 issue
Senator Weinberg Response to Reverend Torres

Letter to the Editor: Enjoyed the Growing Up Gloucester Article


What a nice human interest article. It was especially interesting for me me since (1) Walt Butler and I developed the playing rules (everyone plays a quarter etc), I coached Orlando's (a few of my players were Stan Booth, Bob Weichman, Franny Hass, Jake Miller etc., Also both my sons (Tom & Scott) played in the league with other teams, and I later refereed high school and college basketball with Alan's dad Sam (Mester). Hal Merritt and Franny Powers two excellent high school basketball referees donated their time each weeks in working the games bro bono..

 The league was a great diversion for the kids, the parents were tolerable as fans :-) and the kids were great to work with.. They reflected the Gloucester generation that possessed values that was an honorable bi-product of those families that endured WW2 and Korean Wars.. (Note: Korea will always  be for war to me, when you have close to 50,000 deaths and thousands of wounded)

   In closing I hope you keep up human interest articles such as you have, and as a guy who was born and raised in the city I find them thoroughly enjoyable.. Might even be time for another nick name submission. Just kidding but I remember that generated a great deal of interest with former and present Gloucesterites

Tom Bowe

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