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Op-Ed: OWS Protester Exemplifies Fallacy of the "People Are No Good" Premise - CNBnews.net

Graphic and Opinion by Wil Levins

The “PANG” Premise (People Are No Good)

6a00d8341bf7d953ef0115702c1e67970c-200wi"The unstated premise that people are weak, stupid, helpless, incompetent, dishonest, and dangerous to themselves and others. They need a nanny.  The PANG premise has a huge logical hole in it.  It ignores the fact that those very same weak, stupid, helpless, incompetent, dishonest, and dangerous people would be the ones running government.  After all, government is no more than a collection of people – politicians and bureaucrats – who operate it.

Did you ever notice that the people who cite it always seem to exclude themselves from the category of people who are weak, stupid, helpless, incompetent, dishonest and dangerous?” - (David Berglund, author of Libertarianism in One Lesson)

OCCUPY LADYTHE PANG PREMISE in action - A protester at the Occupy Wall Street rally tells Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson why civil libertarianism doesn't work for her:

"I received a lot of money from an inheritance and I don't think I was taxed enough.  So I kept 20% for myself and gave 80% away. But I think if we rely on the kindness of strangers that the poor will keep getting screwed, so civil libertarians don't work for me." 

Notice that she did not consider her own act of civil libertarianism to be invalid.  In her opinion there are only a limited number of people, like herself, that care enough about those in need to actually do something to help - even after she exemplified how efficient and benevolent individuals can be in giving of themselves to assist others.

Civil Libertarianism is a principled belief in the individual, the People, and each of our virtues and abilities.  We see acts of individual kindness performed everyday yet, many remain steadfast in the mindset that ONLY Government can make things better.  As we see daily in Washington D.C., bureaucracy is outrageously wasteful and slow to react, while individuals can act swifty and efficiently with their own talents and resources.