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DeGiacomo Interim Chief School Administrator for Mt. Ephraim School District

By Leigh Anne Hubbs

Gloucester City News


(Gloucester City News June 26 issue)The Mount Ephraim School District legally must have a Chief School Administrator by July 1.

So, rather than rush into hiring a replacement for Superintendent Joseph Rafferty who will become the superintendent of the Gloucester City School District, Board of Education (BOE) members have approved a contract for an interim administrator.

Effective July 1 until October 31 of this year, Diane DeGiacomo will act as the Interim Chief School Administrator at a rate of $519.23 per day.

Ms. DeGiacomo stood up during June’s BOE meeting and said she is looking forward to working with everyone.

In other news, School Board members passed a motion to refinance the district’s debt and save approximately $200,000, as state law requires refinancing if savings are anticipated.

During the Food Service Committee’s report, it was stated that new federal regulations have caused a price increase for school lunches due to requirements such as fresh fruits and vegetables, which are more costly than canned or frozen.

Business Administrator Melissa Raywood said there are additional federal regulations on school lunches such as how many slices of bread a student can eat each week and different requirements for different grade levels.

Teacher contract negotiations have moved to the fact finding phase.

One teacher read a list during the public forum which named many things teachers do beyond contracted hours, such as using personal funds to purchase supplies.

Board President Dominick Cipolone said he was aware of many of the items, but not all, and that the Board’s goal is to “keep as many teachers employed as possible.”

Physical Education Teacher Martin Ware announced that during the six-week NFL Play 60 program students in grades fourth to eighth logged almost a million minutes of physical activity.

NFL Play 60 encourages children to get at least 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

Earlier this month the winning homeroom was given a tour of Lincoln Financial Field.

Although the students of homeroom 7B were excited that they got to sit in the press box, the “Eagles dropped the ball” as Mr.Ware put it.

  A player was supposed to come for a party but that will not be happening, many of the halls at the stadium were dark, and instead of being offered a place to eat their lunches, the tour group was told they could eat outside or on the floor of the lobby.

  This was Mr. Rafferty’s last BOE meeting.

  Cipolone told Mr. Rafferty that he will be missed and wished him good luck.

  Rafferty then thanked everyone for their support.

  The May Student of the Month winners are; 1st grade Reegan Richards, 2nd grade Stephanie Fitzpatrick, 3rd grade Ramir Guranus, 4th grade Aidan Potter, 5th grade Mark Colavito, 6th grade Gabrielle Bobo, 7th grade Helen Barrett and 8th grade Brittany Brown.

  Normally June Student of the Month winners are announced at September’s meeting.

  But, since the eighth graders will be moving on to high school, June’s fifth through eighth grade winners were also announced during June’s meeting.

  They are: 5th grade James Danielwicz, 6th grade Jaymi Vilardo, 7th grade Kaila White and 8th grade Meghan McDonough.

  The next BOE meeting will be Monday, July 9, at 7:30 p.m. in Kershaw’s Media Center.

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