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WHEN EAST MEETS WEST: Tsuyu or Monsoon Season in Japan |


These amazing photos of endless flowers are from the Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, in Kitakyushu, Japan. 


Commentary by Hank F. Miller Jr.

( A seasonal rain front swept through Okinawa in late May marking the beginning of Japan's rainy season.The first day of rainy season at our home here in Kitakyushu City Japan will begin this week. 

Here in Kitakyushu City very light rain is forecast for this evening with intermittent showers during the night and day tomorrow.The rainy sea

CNBNews author Hank WilliamCNBNews author Hank Miller

son in our region of the Japanese archipelago will continue till about the end of July.The meeting of a high cold atmospheric pressure front over the Sea of Okhotsk and a warm high atmospheric pressure front over the Pacific Ocean forms as we know it is called the Tsuyu or nonsoons it has finally arrived this gives rise to this phenomenon. Because it is the time when ume or Japanese Plums ripen the season is called baiu or tstyu ("ume rain"). 


During Tsuyu rain falls on and off for a couple of weeks,or sometimes it continues to rain for days on end without stopping.The gray skies,together with a very high humidity of season,mean that this is a very gloomy and dark period with long periods with no sun at all for most people.

It does not,however,necessarily follow that to have rainy season is all bad,because at this time of year, for farmers,with all the rain it brings,rice,and the rice paddies need a great deal of water. Tsuyu or monsoon season is an actual blessing to them.But one must be on alert for land slides and mud slides because they are most dangerous and at times cover whole houses and take human lives.Landslides or mud slides occur due to the many hills and mountains that surround us here.


Also for gardeners like myself in our Miller American Country Garden, we have many trees some large, flowering bushes and shrubs as well as many varieties of flowers;we also have a herbal garden as well

and a tropical garden,with palm trees and a variety of tropical flowers,thus a lot of needed recently with the rain weeds have been overwhelming and trying to overrun and take over, thus a lot of attention must be given sometimes even during sudden downpours,there is no rest for the weary when you try to maintain a well groomed garden such as we have.


Another thing is I have been in and out of the hospital again with another medical issue this time preventing me from giving our American garden the full care that it requires.


I went to hospital Friday June 1 for test on my right lung. I have to go to hospital the result didn't look good so I must go back again on June 11 for more test and again on June 14 to find out my admission date and  the date of the surgery.


Along with the rainy season from the middle of this month arrives typhoon which will start next week and will last until the middle of October or early November so besides spring, summer, autumn, and winter we also have two seasons in which I do not look forward to at all each year monsoon season and typhoon  season.


Warm Regards and Best Wishes to all my friends & Family back in the Gloucester City area from Kitakyushu City Fukuoka, Japan.


Have a very Happy and Joyful Summer !


Hank F. Miller Jr.


Note: Hank  is a former resident of Gloucester City who resides in Kitakyushu City,  Japan. related category WHEN EAST MEETS WEST