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   Have you noticed that folks don’t drop by to visit as much, lately? And, on the rare occasions that they do, they seem a little bit nervous? If the answer to these questions is yes, perhaps it’s because your dog needs a bit of training!

   Untrained dogs may greet visitors by jumping, barking, pawing, and otherwise exhibiting unruly behavior, putting the guest at risk of injury or discomfort. The cure to this situation takes time and patience but the end result is well worth the effort.

   First, leash Fido as soon as your visitor knocks or rings the doorbell. Use the “sit” command and insist that the dog stay in position long enough for the guest to enter. When the guest is seated, lead the dog over to the guest (while he is still leashed) and have the guest pet the dog. As Fido becomes less excited, loosen your grip on the leash; if the dog remains calm you may eventually allow him off-leash.

   If you use this technique faithfully, your home—and your dog—will once again become visitor-friendly! 

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