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BannerBecause summer is in full swing I thought the timely repeat of this article would help those celebrating the season with picnics & graduation parties!

  I was once invited to a friend’s home for dinner and got the feeling I was intruding on her pets’ plans for the evening.

  Now, I am a die-hard “animal person”; I love animals of all types and base my life around my pets’ needs. However, if I am serving dinner for guests I try to be sensitive to certain human rights issues. Here are several examples of how to make your meal fit for consumption:

  • If you have to skim cat hair out of the gravy it’s probably not edible
  • If you can smell Fido’s breath he’s probably too close to the table
  • Guests would probably rather not fight your ferret for the foie gras
  • Your pot-bellied pig should probably not attend a pig roast

  While these suggestions are not written in stone they are viable issues to be considered while planning that next gathering.

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Wado udohiyu (Thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Owner and Lead Trainer, Brother of the Wolf, LLC

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