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Pet Tip of the Week: Buckle up!(

by Dawn Watson


The following excerpt was taken from CBSPhilly and written by David Madden. Banner

   “Click it or ticket. It’s not just for people anymore — at least in the Garden State.

  Police and animal control officers are authorized to cite drivers with unrestrained animals in the car. Yes, that includes the back of a pickup truck too. Violators can be fined $250 to $1,000 per offense.

Ray Martinez, head of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, just wants to avoid distracted driving. “People are actually driving with a dog or a cat on their laps. It’s not cute. It’s actually dangerous for the driver. It’s dangerous for other drivers and it’s dangerous for that pet.”

   Dogs can be placed in harnesses that click right into the seat belt buckle. Cats don’t take well to harnesses for the most part, so they need to go in a carrier. And the carrier needs to be buckled down.” 

   Any object—including a beloved pet—becomes a projectile when riding unrestrained in a vehicle. Even a quick stop can propel the animal into a windshield.

   For the safety of ALL your family members, buckle up! 

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Wado udohiyu (Thank you very much in the Cherokee language)

Dawn Watson

Owner and Lead Trainer, Brother of the Wolf, LLC

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