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by Bill Cleary

FUGITIVE SEARCH-A number of Bellmawr Police Officers along with members of the U.S. Marshall's Rds_news Office  conducted a fugitive search at the Bellmawr Manor Apartments on Wednesday evening, June 6. According to Bellmawr Police Chief William Walsh, "it was reported that the fugitive was possibly armed. The subject was not there."   

BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW!-There were 36 U.S. military casualties in Afghanistan in the month of May, marking the deadliest month for American forces so far in 2012.  The American soldiers’ death toll in May brought the total U.S. fatalities since the war started in 2001 to 1,881, including 124 this year alone. For the 1,881 deaths that have occurred so far during the course of the decade-old war, 1,312, or an estimated 70 percent, have taken place since Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009. That means that about 7 out of every 10 U.S. military deaths in the Afghanistan conflict have taken place under President Obama’s watch. U.S. Forces attacked Afghanistan on October 7, 2001. On June 7, 2012 the war completed its 128th month. This is the longest War in the history of the United States. ~source

SOUTH JERSEY CITIZENS WIN ONE/LOSE ONE-Camden County Superior Court Judge Louis Meloni ruled last week that Gloucester Township Clerk Roe DiJosie was wrong to exclude signatures on the Pay- to- Play Reform petition that was circulated by the South Jersey Citizens organization.  Executive Director Tom Crone was upbeat and optimistic following the ruling Friday, “the rule of law was upheld and a major legal issue has been clarified in an otherwise convoluted process.” stated Crone. 

The judge however ruled in favor of the Township Clerk on a technical matter involving the curing of defective notarization. The court found that as a matter of fact [not law] the clerk has wide discretion on this issue and is the authority. “While we respect the judge we are disappointed in his decision.” said Crone. “We will meet with our legal counsel to explore our options and make informed decisions following those discussions. Our fight for honest and open government will continue regardless, we will not be deterred.” concluded Crone.

OUTRAGEOUS! The amount of money that is being spent on the 2012 presidential election is horrendous. For example, at the end of April, Republican candidate Mitt Romney reported he had raised $97,963,836 and had spent $88,765, 540. Cash on hand as of April 30 totaled $9,211,335.  For the same period President Obama reported that he had raised $217,052,304 and had spent $104,198,269. Cash on hand as of April 30 totaled $115,157,269. ~source 

JUDGE SAYS NO TO CAMDEN BALLOT QUESTION-Camden County Superior Court Judge F.J. Fernandez-Vina ruled today (June 11) that the proposed ballot question that would have barred Camden officials from disbanding the city's police department cannot be put before voters. The Judge said  the ordinance that would have gone to voters, which would have mandated the city maintain the force, would have placed undue restraint on Camden city council's ability to make future decisions about the department. City officials are preparing to disband Camden's police department in favor of contracting with a county force that has the backing of Gov. Christie and Camden Mayor Dana L. Redd.  

THE GUV IS COMING-New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will visit Haddonfield on Tuesday, June 12 at 3pm for one of his Town Hall meetings. The event is being held at the Haddonfield Central Middle School on Lincoln Avenue.