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Black Conservatives Disappointed by Supreme Court's ObamaCare Decision



Washington, DC -
 Black conservatives with the Project 21 leadership network are disappointed by today's decision by the U.S. Supreme Court upholding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as "ObamaCare."

Project 21 spokeswoman Dr. Elaina George, a board-certified otolaryngologist, said: "By upholding ObamaCare, the Supreme Court ignored the Constitution. It placed corporate interests and profits, along with government control, above the needs of doctors and patients. This decision virtually guarantees the destruction of the doctor-patient relationship, and -- along with it -- individualized health care, innovation and access while it perpetuates the worst aspects of our medical system."

Dr. George added: "Because of the mandate, Americans will be forced to pay for a system that will increase costs for patients, remove health care decisions from both the doctor and the patient and lead to rationing. It changes health care as we know it into a system based on one-size-fits-all, cost-controlled and conveyor belt socialized medicine."

Project 21 spokesman Derryck Green, a doctoral student in ministry, said: "This ruling in favor of ObamaCare completely disregards the free-exercise clause of the First Amendment's guarantee of religious liberty, freedom and expression. The Supreme Court gave the federal government arbitrary license to force religious Americans and organizations to act in contradiction of their moral conscience and obligations. The federal government, with the Court's backing, can now essentially dictate what religious Americans can or cannot do. How long until it dictates what religious Americans -- specifically the clergy -- can or cannot say under the law?"

"Today is the day I will tell my grandchildren about when they ask me what happened to freedom in America," lamented Project 21 spokeswoman Shelby Emmett, a soon-to-be licensed attorney in Maryland. "Today, the Supreme Court ruled that Americans can be forced to enter into private contracts in the name of health care. Today, Americans lost accountability, personal liberty and the greatest health care system in the world. We think the DMV is bad. Wait until your kid breaks his leg now and needs to go to the ER!"

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