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CNBNEWS Sports: Adamek Outlasts Challenger in New Jersey

Polski: Tomasz Adamek - polski bokser, mistrz ...Polski: Tomasz Adamek - polski bokser, mistrz świata (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


By Raymond Rolak, Sports Editor


NEWARK-   The Prudential Center was rocking for heavily favorite Tomasz Adamek as he bested Eddie Chambers in a 12-round heavyweight match.  Chambers suffered an injury in his upper left arm in the first round that limited his effectiveness.  It was the main event on a seven bout card.  

Chambers, a Philadelphia right-hander, fought from a left handed stance at times.  He actually won some rounds and his tremendous defensive skills made the fight competitive and interesting.  

But a handicapped Chambers (36-3, 12 KOs), couldn’t throw a single left hand with any authority after the first round.  Ultimately, working with one arm simply was too much to overcome in what was supposed to be a very competitive fight.  “I didn’t want to release (my left arm after the injury) because it hurt so bad,” said Chambers, who added the he never considered quitting due to the injury.  “I didn’t come all this (expletive) way for this to happen.”

Adamek (46-2, 28 KOs), from Gilowice, Poland, won a unanimous decision from the three judges.   The fight was not all routine for Adamek and in the eighth round he had his nose bloodied.  Adamek showed determination and outworked his opponent especially in the last two rounds.    

Adamek said post fight, “The fight was very close, but I felt I fought my fight and I won the fight. I was looking to win the fight.  If I start to look to knock someone out, you can lose.  I felt I controlled the fight.”


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