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UPDATED: Township Purchased over $70,000 of Equipment and Never Used It, Wasting Taxpayer Money |

GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP -- After receiving several tips, has obtained through Open Public Records Requests, purchase orders and invoices on Public Works equipment that the Township purchased and never used.  We also requested maintenance logs on the equipment that would provide us the hours logged for usage as well as any maintenance work done on the item during its course of usage.

 The Township indicated in their response that no records exist. With the lack of maintenance logs, we assume the tips are credible and the equipment has not been used.

With the Township in financial deficit and employees furloughing, why is the Township allowing equipment to be purchased and stored to collect dust and depreciate in value.  In February 2009 the Township purchased a $14,000 Mete-R-Matic XL Tow Type Topdresser from Lawn and Golf Supply Co Inc.

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This item was purchased so the Township could fertilize the new multi-million dollar Tartaglio Fields. By our calculations, the $14,000 the Township spent on this equipment could have saved employees jobs or even helped offset the amount of days employees need to furlough.  

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