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Signs along the road remember EMS members from around the country who were lost in 2012..

Once again, CHFD Paramedic Dave Milsted, the A-Group Medical Services Officer, is participating in the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride.  This year's route will take Dave and nearly 100 other riders approximately 500 miles as they pedal from Boston, MA to Alexandria, VA over the course of 7 days.  The CHFD will post updates from Dave as he sends them in.  Here's Dave's recap from Day #6: 

"Day 6 Road Apples... 

Had to be ready to go by 6:45 am. What did we find? RAIN. It was not on any of the radar screens. Adam did sag out for the day & helped out with support. So we rode off into the rain. WOW, 10 minutes into the ride we hit a massive hill. It hurt, many had to walk. This was the first of 6 killer climbs for the day. We had a few more new riders join the group, they got a rude awakening. 

The first rest stop was at mile 13 at the Wagontown FD. We were in Amish Country. One thing we had to avoid is what we call "road apples". Anyone have an idea? Horse manure. It is all over the bike lane. Anyone riding behind another ride was splattered by it. Welcome to Chester County PA. This rest stop had excellent fresh fruit. 

Back on the road dodging road apples. We passed several horse & buggies. As we passed the sign for Intercourse PA everyone had to stop for a photo opp. After you exit Intercourse you enter Bird in Hand PA, another photo opp. The 2nd rest stop was along the highway. They tried to set up a stop every 10 to 12 miles today because of the heat & humidity. The sun is starting to break out. 

Mile 49 was another stop at Susquehanna EMS. More hills, more pain, more heat! Many people were sagging out. Vehicles were filling up fast. The humidity was on the rise. 

Lunch was at mile 56 at the Heliam Fire Department. They had Subway sandwiches for us. Water and Gatorade were at a premium. More hills. Bright sunny skies. More people dropping out. 

At mile 64 was a stop at the Yoe Fire Department. Another wicked hill in this stretch. I would say at least 80% of the remaining riders had to walk up this hill. The grade was just to steep. I was one of the walkers. I need to get a mountain climbing gear for my bike. 

At mile 75 we stopped at the Tri Community Ambulance Squad. They had chocolate. Here anyone averaging under 13 mph were being pulled from the course. We were behind schedule and could wait for everyone to arrive at the next stop. I continued on. 

The hills were not to bad in this section. More of a rolling type were you could pick up speed on a down hill to coast half way up the next hill. The final rest stop was at Codordus Park, mile 87. Here we all regrouped and were bused just outside of Gettysburg. We rode 7 miles in parade format to the Gettysburg Fire Department for dinner. 

After dinner there was a service & ceremony. A lot of Pensylvania big wigs in EMS were there and talked. The had a slide show of the fallen Muddy Angel, Lori Mayfield. When it was over we were then bused to our hotel in Gettysburg. 

Today we traveled 94 miles, 7 hours on a bike, climbed 5900 feet and burned 6400 calories. 

Tomorrow we will ride through the battlefields and end up in Alexandria VA. One more day, 108 miles... Weather is expected to be similar to today. I think there will be a lot of dehydration... 

I will not be able to write day 7 tommorow night. I will combine day 7 & the Memorial Service from Saturday evening on Sunday sometime. I will post on Twitter and Facebook when we arrive in Alexandria. Wish us luck!!! I smell horse manure!! 

Follow the ride on Facebook: Muddy Angels, Twitter: NEMSMBR or #2012NEMSMBR 

-- Dave Milsted"